My interview for… So Stylish

ITA So Stylish è un portale creato da Maxence Taieb nel Settembre 2010 con l’obiettivo di rendere più semplice scoprire e condividere outfits.
Ho avuto il piacere di essere intervistata proprio da Maxence che ringrazio per la sua gentilezza e disponibilità!
Se volete leggere l’intervista integrale la trovate QUI
Per stuzzicare la vostra curiosità vi anticipo alcune delle domande/risposte!

ENG So Stylish is a website founded by Maxence Taieb in September 2010 with the mission of allowing you to easily discover & share outfits.
I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Maxence and I thank him for his kindness and helpfulness!
If you want to read the full interview you can find it HERE
To whet your curiosity I anticipate you some of the questions/answers!

Max: Where do you find your inspiration?
Greta: I’m Italian but now I’m living in UK, because my boyfriend works in Birmingham. I think that street style is the best inspiration for me, especially if I can mix two different culture and create my So Different style!
Max: What are your favorite brands/designers?
Greta: I create So Different with a Low Cost mood, in fact I think that H&M, Zara, Forever21 and Top Shop, do really have nothing to envy to the great brands!
Max: What do you think about Fashion & Technology?
Greta: I think that the new technologies are what most characterizes our generation, in short, one click is enough to purchase, to keep in touch, and why not, to let know your style all over the world thanks to portals like So Stylish, and everything so accessible and free. Being a blogger you can imagine how long I stay at computer which in my case it’s my trusty Samsung Chromebook. But despite my desire to project myself into the future, I also have a traditional spirit. I believe that we must not lose touch with reality hiding behind a screen. I couldn’t live without feeling the smell of a new book or without touching a fabric of a dress before buy it! We have to live inside and outside the web!”



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